Our Company

CNY Auto Import Co., Ltd. has been trusted for more than 10 years on the path of "automotive products" with a team that has experience and expertise in service and customer care. And there are many other services to satisfy customers as much as possible.

Ming Transport Service
"Ming Transport Co., Ltd." provides all types of transportation services such as passenger cars, vans and heavy machinery. At present, more than 80 trailers are in service nationwide, with a service network covering all 76 provinces across the country. have a cargo license to nearby countries as well

On time, safe and guaranteed to save time. Nationwide service Choose to use our service definitely worth it
Confident in the quality of transportation and the quality of the skilled driver. Use the Ming Transport service.
"We will strive to develop safely to success"

Ming Tour provides car rental services. Both large buses and new VIP vans provide services for organizing tours throughout the country. Resort room service by an efficient team. focus on service Create an impression and satisfaction of customers is important. Punctual, reasonable price. There is a standard of service with skilled drivers Impress the service users Ming Tour was established in 2005 with service standards. Therefore, Ming is considered to be the leading car rental company in Chiang Rai that has many users.

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