continuous development And service that cares about customers, CNY Auto Import Co., Ltd. has been trusted for more than 10 years on the path of "automotive products" with a team that has experience and expertise in service and customer care. Always, we are proud in the quality of products delivered to customers and after-sales service that follows and takes care of every vehicle delivered to customers

At present, CNY Auto Import Co., Ltd. is known as the country's leading import and distribution company, including spare parts, accessories, quality assurance. and is recognized for providing excellent quality vehicles to deliver to customers. The cars that our company has distributed include AUDI, BMW, HONDA, LEXUS, MERCEDES-BENZ, MINI, NISSAN, PORSCHE, RANGE ROVER, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN and others.

In this regard, CNY Auto Import Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes that Impressive service Plus the acceptance of customer care will make you interested in our products and services. And our company is dedicated to improving the service. and recruiting new products to present to customers like you "More satisfied with our service

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